This Feeling - Alabama Shakes 
My first time in the Down Under. The singers all gathered around microphone and sang in such an intimate manner. No huge sound rig. No screaming fans. No loud cymbals. No fancy light show. Just the music. 

Don't Wanna Fight - Alabama Shakes 
Saturday Night Live!!! Wow! It really hits you that this is live when you have to be on your game at midnight. The cast is funny period. No scripts are needed. The capstone of the night is the impromptu visit by Sir Paul McCartney. What a night! 

Gemini - Alabama Shakes
Brilliant song and arrangement. Singing this duet with Brittany is simply magical, and it is a challenge that I look forward to each performance. 

What Makes A Good Man - The Heavy
My vocal arrangements for the Glorious Dead record. The vibe was incredible in the studio and creativity was flowing. Heads bobbing and feet tapping. Getting to perform this live at the Letterman Show was incredible. Everyone from the show's music team to David Letterman was dancing and rocking.